“Security is not our job, it is our responsibility!”

– Michael Crean, CEO, Solutions Granted, Inc.

The digital age is here to stay. Businesses, organizations, and groups with an online presence must learn how to adapt to an online world. Whether your realize it or not, one of the weakest points of your organization may be the security of your online information. Solutions Granted, Inc. offers the latest in online security options for organizations large and small. We proudly offer our customers Dell SonicWall technology which gives users a full suite of powerful tools they can use to monitor their systems against a variety of online threats. Having a powerful Firewall Configuration is key to defending against harmful attacks against your system.

As a veteran-owned small business, we know how vital it is to provide customers a uniformed monitoring system against malicious online activity. An agile configuration of your system is optimal. Consider just how important Firewall Monitoring could be to your organization. With Dell’s SonicWall technology the ability to track issues and control a fleet of extensive tools can save you time, money, and give peace of mind that your online systems are safe and secure. Solutions Granted creates optimal solutions from the bottom up for each and every customer. Some customers are unsure of where they need help or if their systems are secure enough. We have the knowledge needed to offer Firewall Remediation to make sure your systems are protected, and Firewall Validation to ensure you are completely protected. The proper configuration of your system means you can worry less about your online security and more about the running of your organization.

Cyber security is a constantly evolving field. Every new day brings a new type of virus or a new threat to your online security. Hackers are becoming savvier by the second which means that system configuration, remediation, and monitoring have become even more imperative. Our services give validation to knowing your online security is where is should be – 24/7.